I’m Petra

I’m a Business and Career Strategist, and a Certified High Performance Coach™ who works with entrepreneurs, leaders and senior professionals- just like YOU!

I coach and advise on modern and PROVEN tools and strategies. Common areas we’d cover would be Business, Marketing, Digitalization and Career Development. Pivoting and rebranding are also some of my skills in high demand.

moving the needle with


Today, I proudly serve clients — entrepreneurs, leaders and senior professionals — on three continents in diverse industries and phases of their business and careers.
With my expertise in modern business strategy and execution, leadership and management consulting, I combine experience with proven and well researched strategies, tactical advice and coaching. Through being the forefront and continuously learning from the best in the world, I share and help you navigate your way to the next phase- what I call Phase 2.0.

As a Certified High Performance Coach™, I help people to get to their next level. Through working in either a group or individual coaching, we dig deep into the well researched framework High Performance. We start by covering how clarity, productivity, energy, courage, and influence are the needles that moves and drives sustainable development.

In Brief-
My Experience:

Sales (20+ years)
Leader (17+ years)
Trainer (15+ years)
Coach (13+ years)

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Hop on over to my Modern Strategy and Coach blog!

There, you’ll get to get new insights and perspective, as well as actionable inspiration. Ideas on getting to know your HOW, lead with strength and joy. Also why:
– saying no means freedom
– mastery means sustainability
– how you can rise and soar
– you matter
– it’s more important than ever to feed your business AND life.