Do you know what you are really good at?

Do you know how to describe how you are contributing or create value?

Are you searching for an elusive life/work balance?

Are you being yourself, when you enter the workplace?  


Does any of this seem like you?

The major problem here is that disconnected people are thinking about leaving, not fully focusing on the task at hand, leaving the line managers and leaders to have to work more reactively.  What is even worse is you are talking with others about how they feel and, if ready, what they are going to do about it.

It’s a MAJOR cost for the business!

It’s everywhere, from the cost of hiring, through disengagement, shortens the LCM of employees, less business development, and they people who leave are more often than not, very well connected with your clients.

What is my solution to this?

My solution is Masterpiece Portfolio©

It’s a modern framework that is adjusted to each clients need. Some things can be done through video trainings, but at lease initially, in- person workshops are a good start to create a heat map to identify where to start, and then work from there.

There are several resources that supports the underlining processes and will enable and empower the organization to MOVE towards their strenghts and not their current percieved weaknesses.

So, what are the benefits?

  • Key people staying on
  • Bolder business development
  • Lower costs for turnover. Leader excellence. Higher ROI.

What are the benefits of the Masterpiece Portfolio©?

Help people understand their strengths

Help them understand how they’re creating value

Connecting with people (both on their team and with clients) on a genuine level and supporting one another

Creating a culture that’s welcoming and embraces peoples personalities and not just their skillset will lead to increased results. This creates a win- win- win situation for the individual, the organization and the clients

Why did I create this Masterpiece Portfolio©?

I’ve been working with white collar professionals, executives and entrepreneurs helping to figure out this roadmap in a diverse set of roles during the last 17 years.


I know firsthand how much pain is created and what to do about it when people are not connected to the work they do or the organization they belong to


Because I’ve handled the situations when employees get “shiny object syndrome” or thinks that the grass is greener on the other side and are considering leaving


I live for creating that alignment that results in a win-win-win situation where all groups are more winners together than they were a bit more further apart yesterday


How am I qualified to help you?

Because I’ve personally coached and worked with hundreds of professionals to help them find their way, reinvent, and understand who they are TODAY

Strengthened and empowered people will create better results. This comes through being more secure in who they are and how they create value- as whole people that are creating together with others. Because you know that people are not supportive of things they aren’t participating in creating.

Because I consistently work internationally, I have my own ear to the ground and will help a business navigate how to increase their profitability with a bigger perspective, but still bring it to make sense locally.


What do you get from Masterpiece Portfolio©?

  1. A modern, well-researched and business oriented process and overarching framework that will enable them to move together and not as silos
  2. Advisory from an engaged, international business woman who will tell it like it is
  3. Engagement, guidance, and access to in-depth training focusing on business growth in combination with overall strategy and talent retention 
  4. Be in the frontline of will be the next wave in the workforce, which is ALL about creating sustainable growth, challenge the status quo towards a goal (and not just to challenge the status quo!) AND WHY being a part of something bigger than yourself is something great and beautiful!