Would be that such a thing as a life/work balance exists. While rushing from meetings and activities to meet deadlines. Pick up times, scheduled after school activities. Getting those last minute things from the grocery store to make dinner. Planning out the weekend. Just to realize that there are pretty few time slots available. During the coming weeks.

The myth of shutting work down as you get home. Not getting distracted by emails, push notifications, social media updates and other people’s agendas.
I believe that the discussion today should revolve more about how you are creating a harmony in your life, rather than a balance.
Below, I’ll give you three solid reasons as to why I think that this is something to think more about:




Work/life balance does not exist. In a society where we’re often- not to say always- connected and online. Consciously or not, trying to be everywhere. At the same time. Unless we’re Hogwarts graduates with magical powers,(Harry Potter reference) – all of us- I don’t see that happening. Most of us are ordinary people who are doing our very best to live through the day, caring for those we love and showing up for work and life in general. All the while trying to find that balance that is as evasive as the golden snitch in the Quidditch game in the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling.



The whole work/life balance comes with some connotations. It implies that there’s an imbalance that needs to be adjusted somewhere. A scoreboard somewhere, where somebody or *something* is keeping score, measuring, and evaluation your level of contribution. How well you’re succeeding and your adherence to other people’s agendas (more about that in an upcoming blog).
What if the aim was a harmony instead? A reality where it’s not about keeping score? Rather, what if it was about seeing life from a bigger perspective? Where you fit into your business, rather than your life fitting into your calendar?



The thing that most people crave today is connection. Making the conscious effort of connecting with the people right in front of you is today can be difficult. People are often consumed with other [digital stuff] activities. To get more out of life where you’re at today, click on the link below to get a free cheat sheet to help you figure out where you’re at today to move forward!