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Live a richer, fuller life, with more engagement and JOY in both life and business?

Create room to breathe, reflect and grow?

Get to the HOW and not just the WHAT of what makes YOU exceptional?

Want to become a part of a community of caring does that work to get to their next level in life and business?


I’m Petra Rolander, business and career strategist and Certified High Performance Coach™!

The challenges entrepreneurs, leaders, and senior professionals face today are diverse, steadily progressing and can be, at times, overwhelming.

I combine my extensive experience working with entrepreneurs, leaders, and senior professionals, with constantly attending training and learning from the best.  I share modern frameworks, proven tools and relevant strategies that sharpen your skills in leadership, digitalization, business and career!

Over the years, I’ve successfully over delivered results and scaled business growth while building strong teams and confident leaders.

Proven- and modern-  business strategies.
Get more clarity, energy, courage, productivity and influence!
Learn to navigate- and master!- career development.
Your 24/7 help to get to a new job- coming SOON!









Petra has been an amazing high-performance coach! My business was thriving but I felt drained and couldn’t keep up. Then, my business took a huge hit last year. Petra helped me dig deep into areas that were harming my business more than it was helping. Petra REALLY knows what a business needs to achieve higher results!

Nicte Cuevas

Being a business owner with a feeling that I might be missing out on something important, I started working with Petra to decipher LinkedIn. As it turns out, not only can I share my personal expertise and knowledge there. I’ve also made several strategic connections with people who are interested in the services we provide.

Lisa Antonson

After much frustration and no time to figure this out on my own, Petra helped me not only to understand LinkedIn but also to use it well when I need to.

Anna Jonsson

I work with people who are

Today, everyone needs to position themselves strategically for their next opportunity. I help senior professionals get ready for new projects and rapidly changing industries that go BEYOND resume and presentation training and improved networking skills. My iterative approach leads to long- term development, more challenging roles, and higher profit margins.


Through evaluating your starting point, we’ll work together to map out where you want to go and who you want to become, rather than just focusing on what you’ve been doing until now. First, we’ll get back to basics through documenting and prioritizing your skills, dreams, and goals. Then, we’ll build a road map with actionable steps to get you more visible, help you navigate a very competitive marketplace, explain your expertise and identify the secret sauce that carries your current situation towards an enviable new position where you can soar!


As an executive, you have a demanding job with many responsibilities.

The expectation to be a leader who develops, leads and engages the team and/or business area, presents a need to sharpen your skills as a leader and to find the right people to grow the company is ever present. I help managers and leaders to prioritize their leadership development, heighten their productivity and engagement level and provide relevant tools to get to your next level!

As your Coach and Business Strategist, we will work together to clearly and confidently assess and embrace your current situation. To accelerate learning, Coaching means to work iteratively and engages learning where learning and challenges happen, in your work environment. This encourages you to apply your new skills, experiment with new techniques and gather feedback in real time.

Coaching requires you to be inquisitive and curious about yourself and your impact on others. I will ask you to explore your leadership style from several perspectives. The Coaching Process could, therefore, include requesting input from colleagues, subordinates, and managers.


As a leader, today you need to get more done in a shorter amount of time. We start with your most important priorities, clarifying multi- faceted challenges and also ensuring that YOUR goals are given room for growth. Through assessing your strengths and improvement areas as a leader and your current situation, we will build an executive plan where you grow in strategy, goal execution, time and distraction management, engagement for business, yourself as a leader and the people that you lead together with a congruent life/ work balance.

In business, you need to do a lot of everything to move the needle. Some of these areas might be new to you, or you may find that your business plan needs clarity to build that momentum you need. I can help you to get to work on your business and goals, instead of being caught up in overwhelm or constant stress.


Small Business Coaching, whether individual, team, or group, occurs within the context of an organization and its’ culture. Through getting to know your unique organizational culture and environment of each business I work with, I will be able to facilitate the strategies and leadership that create alignment with your business objectives and customer needs. As your Small Business Owner, you want your assistants and executives to clearly and confidently assess and embrace your business challenges correctly in a timely manner. Coaching accelerates organizational learning and helps your company perform better. I will encourage your executives and managers to be creative in their thinking about business challenges as they present themselves. This on the job, real-time process allows them to master new skills and experiment with new styles of leading while receiving time-sensitive feedback. This Coaching model creates meaningful and sustained change for your executives and managers both professionally and personally.

Coaching requires executives and managers to be inquisitive and curious about themselves and their impact on others. They will be asked to explore their leadership style and identify areas that they or their superiors would like to improve upon. The Coaching Process can include requesting input from colleagues, subordinates, and managers.


Do you have a plan that you’re successfully implementing, and that is giving you the results?

And the payoff that you expect? Is it leading towards where you see yourself going? What’s working and what’s not working for you?

It’s time to start:

Saying no to things that aren’t giving you freedom

Moving from reactivity to intentional action

Leading with engagement and energy

Getting results and get clarity about where you want to go

Creating space to breathe, reflect and growth

But HOW are you going to make it happen?

You need accountability, support, and strategy. Learn how to remove distractions and set a laser beam focus to rise and soar in your business and your development!

Coaching, strategies, frameworks or tools are not therapy or a quick-fix. They are processes where you, unlike other training where you gather off-site to learn for a day or a week, focuses on how and where you contribute and drive the development.

The coaching process is built to accelerate your learning, increase your self-awareness, and enhance your communication skills, which are necessary for your next phase.

I will encourage you to be creative in your thinking about your challenges as they present themselves. This set of professional services allows you to master new skills and experiment with new styles of leading while receiving time-sensitive feedback. Doing the work creates meaningful and sustained change for you both professionally and personally long after the sessions are over.

Ready to pivot your business or career smarter


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